Sunday, June 24, 2012

iPhone repair - Advertised

I finally got my hands on some print ads this past week, I think this was my first one.

I had to learn about printing and canvas side, the bleeds needed for the printer and when designing it you need to understand how the viewer will be seeing the ad.

This is a real advert, so if you are in NYC and you have a broken iPhone you can give my friend Aharon bulko! 
(Or any other android phone etc)

You will probably be seeing some more from this guy as he understands the fun in these type of ads.

***  If you like this design, I can customize it for you, email me for pricing and printing options. ***

 Business cards
 This is a 36" by 24" street poster.
This one is a 5/7 poster card.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oholei Torah Graduation Photos

So this past week I got to photograph the group picture for Oholei Torah 8th grade!

Its a grade of its own, with 4 classes and over 85 kids, and 10 teachers!

This morning I took come photos at the ceremony itself and told people that if they cant find the photos they should search in google "Oholei Torah eight grade graduation" - So now I know that if I make a spelling mistake and write "Oholai Tora, grade 8, or OTEG 2012" - Now I know that they will find it! (Cause I just typed it out) ;)

The online album will be online shorty and you can view them here:

Oholei Tora Graduation photos 2012

More pics to come soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

iGo - Product shoot!

Here are some photos from a Product photoshoot, as you can see they are pretty boring, no emotions, no directing, no fancy edits. 

Oh wait, yes. I tried at hand modeling so you can see the real size of the product. 

What did you do today that may have felt uneventful but at the same time it needed to get done?

Yes, I know what you are all thinking. "Why Levi, would you post a picture of your messy room?"

Thats why! - Just kidding, my room is usualy tidy but we had a episode of messiness from last week and when I returned from my travels it was a horrible mess, and ever since i've yet to clean up.

So why post it? Well now I am making for myself a challenge and anyone can join. I will clean up my room and post a picture!

It will be like a before and after.

Is your room clean like you wish it to be?

Write in the comments below.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gadi and Tzip - Kids posing

Oh my, these kids have grown so much in the past year, Gadi has had his upsherin and got his hair all cut short, and his sister Tzippy is a little cute girl who stood on the side watching carefully at what I was telling Gadi to do so when her turn would come she could follow.

I was back to visit the Kievemans and even though it was a rough time for I was only in the area for a short time and their mother just gave birth to a baby boy, but never the less I got a chance to catch up with them and take some pictures.

If you look carefully at the different photographs posted you will see that I am starting to focus specifically on the directing of the subjects or kids. I will try to setup a shot and ask them for a specific expression to match the theme.

For most of the images I think they came out exactly how I wanted them to, I think its enough worry for the technical side of things and focus more on posing, expressions and feel of the image and a whole and not stress about the lighting or sharpness or even looking at the photograph on the LCD screen after each image.

Rule one: Put your camera down, play with the kids, and get to know them so you are their best friend for the time of the photoshoot. Imagine how good the child will feel, and with all the right intentions you will have the most beautiful photographs with happy kids.

Untill next time, im Levi.

Be kind to others.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mini Studio - Improve

So what does it take to setup a "Studio" 

Well the first question is how big are the subjects you are shooting?
If they are small, then you wont need huge softboxes like they use to shoot cars, and come to think of it you can practice lighting a toy car the same you would with a big car since they have similar reflections  (well kind of) 

While visiting a friend the other day she asked me if I could take a quick few photographs of her bracelet, I said "ye sure" - why not?

Well how do I light it? I have nothing but one flash and my camera.

After about 40seconds of thinking, this is what I came up with. 

Its like a mini square defuser  (due to the angle of the flash, and the height of the paper)
As you can see, its not half bad!

Hope you enjoyed your read.

Happy Tuesday!