Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gadi and Tzip - Kids posing

Oh my, these kids have grown so much in the past year, Gadi has had his upsherin and got his hair all cut short, and his sister Tzippy is a little cute girl who stood on the side watching carefully at what I was telling Gadi to do so when her turn would come she could follow.

I was back to visit the Kievemans and even though it was a rough time for I was only in the area for a short time and their mother just gave birth to a baby boy, but never the less I got a chance to catch up with them and take some pictures.

If you look carefully at the different photographs posted you will see that I am starting to focus specifically on the directing of the subjects or kids. I will try to setup a shot and ask them for a specific expression to match the theme.

For most of the images I think they came out exactly how I wanted them to, I think its enough worry for the technical side of things and focus more on posing, expressions and feel of the image and a whole and not stress about the lighting or sharpness or even looking at the photograph on the LCD screen after each image.

Rule one: Put your camera down, play with the kids, and get to know them so you are their best friend for the time of the photoshoot. Imagine how good the child will feel, and with all the right intentions you will have the most beautiful photographs with happy kids.

Untill next time, im Levi.

Be kind to others.

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  1. woohoo levi! not afraid to get down and dirty. elicit the right expression cuz you create the mood. kids wanna cooperate cuz you're such fun. (tzipi was running a fever, too, and still wanted to play!) you're awesome!