Wednesday, June 13, 2012

iGo - Product shoot!

Here are some photos from a Product photoshoot, as you can see they are pretty boring, no emotions, no directing, no fancy edits. 

Oh wait, yes. I tried at hand modeling so you can see the real size of the product. 

What did you do today that may have felt uneventful but at the same time it needed to get done?

Yes, I know what you are all thinking. "Why Levi, would you post a picture of your messy room?"

Thats why! - Just kidding, my room is usualy tidy but we had a episode of messiness from last week and when I returned from my travels it was a horrible mess, and ever since i've yet to clean up.

So why post it? Well now I am making for myself a challenge and anyone can join. I will clean up my room and post a picture!

It will be like a before and after.

Is your room clean like you wish it to be?

Write in the comments below.

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