Monday, December 26, 2011

Keeping a neat oil Menorah

Chanuka Menora.

Try it once and know, Its a mess.

Now how do you keep a neat flame with minimal mess?

In almost every home, you like me, we all have a our way of doing it.
Some use the floaters (they dont work very well) Some have those metal frames or pins, usually choking out the flames. Etc

Im sure you know how annoying it can get figuring this all out.

In my house my mother came up with this creative idea, to keep things easier and neater so it looks nice!

This is what we do.

As you can see, she uses a sewing needle, which you put "through" the wick (and not around the wick).

What happens is that you wont choke the flame cause its not going around the wick so the flame is neat with the height of the flame depending on how thick your wick is, it will sit nicely either at the edge of the cup or in middle.


If you like this idea with our Menorah, you might also enjoy my post last year about how to make a clever creative snow Menorah outside!

If you have any ideas to add to this one, or if you've tried this yourself then post a picture on my Facebook page Ell Tee Photo.

Happy Hanukka!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baby Levi

Baby Levi, Ive taken pictures with him before if you can recognize him.

This kid doesn't really stand and so he kept looking away scared that he would fall. 
Something remind me when I see that some adult that ive dealt with look the same in the pictures (never listening or looking at the camera)

Tip of the day, if you are using a photographer to take photos, be sure to be the one that is listening and looking at the camera and forget about everything else in the room. 

It will be easier for him to arrnage everyone and get your kids to listen when they see you doing the same
Happy holidays to everyone! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Me and Micheal Buble

G'morning y'all,

So I already know that im aint no "Super star" or show off singer but I thought it would be fun to make a short recording for some of you to laugh at and if you dont know music so well then you might even enjoy it!

This is my attempted at recording Micheal Buble's "Just haven't met you yet" - Its like a funny version of his song only its me singing it.

And once I was at it, I guess the photo just so I can add a photo to my creative portfolio and add some humor to the project.

I made the recording in 2 tries, and the end in a few more. Critique isnt the reason im posting this so if im off tune. Im really sorry and dont listen to it or share it with anyone.

Happy Chanuka and Happy holidays!

  Havent met you yet - LT by shuntzy

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ell Tee Photo Published

There is only so much Nachas that i can get from working on a project for a client and getting to know them throughout the process. 
Then being asked to take photos of them.

Abe & Laura are the sweetest, most real couple and just normal people out there, If you ever speak to them on the phone (They demand a little) and are the kindest and always being as nice as they can. It was a pleasure to work with them and I hope to being able to shoot more of those Silver snowflake earings.

You can also have a read through their About us page and read some more about them.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby laughing in a basket

Some pictures dont need explanation and these i think are smiley enough to know that if you were a parent of these two kids you would be so proud. They were perfect and so cute together.

its not everyday when you are asked to shoot photos that capture their cute personalities and have it so easy.

Its monday, hope this makes your day that much brighter! just smile.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chanuka paper goods

Its that time of year when everyone is making parties for the Chanuka festivities.

So imagine this, you have this idea in the back of your head that its your girls birthday during Chanuka and you just want to join the parties together so you dont have to buy everything twice, your thinking of going down to the dollar store to see what selection of colors they have, then decide what color themes and decorations to plan.

Then you would think the judaica store would have some sort of selection for Chanuka you make your way in between carpool and that Wednesday night shiur, you finally make it and they are all out of the set for the same blue colour theme with cups, plates etc.

So why would i be telling you this? _ you can just go online in the comfort of your home and just order it online. Let me tell you that most plates are standard and there is not much to think about when ordering your carefully selected Chanuka paper dinner or party supplies.

Its about using the internet in our times to our advantage.

This is inspiring. See some more of my product photography i did for Paper Goods Direct

See if you can find my blog banner photo of the plastic colored cutlery

Out in the fall

The other day i went to prospect park and joined along with Yoni and Mushky.

The weather wasn't the warmest for a fall family photoshoot but they tried to make like it wasnt a little chilly.

And again trying to get their personality in the pictures, I think you can get a feel for who they are (and for those who know them will say "duh")

Have a happy sunday!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A detailed reflective mirror, creatively photographed

Taking pictures of mirrors.

How hard can it really be? right?

Ill try to go through the process i did when i was asked to brainstorm an idea to show this piece of art knowing the artists intentions and show the value that a potential costumer will see and want to buy.

Without going on a long speech about how this was made, lets just dive in and figure out how to take  photo of something that is reflective.

We have a few priorities, 1. Keep the final image to look like the original (no distortion and real colours)
2. Capture the artist intentions and keep it in the final product.
3. Take a series of photos of how it would look like in a room setting, and another with the fine detail of the art.

Blah, its hard to write this. basically I have no idea how i got to the final image. I zoned in and you can view the final image at the bottom! (in the images you can see two different color mirrors, one with a blue tint, and the other with a brown hue)

(Ill have to rewrite this)

Leave a comment with any tips or ideas on how you think I should have done it.

Looking forward to discussing it with you

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Abe & Laura - Photo

I know its been awhile since ive been consistent with posting to my blog, this is what ive been busy with.

Working with the most nicest people at Abe&laura ive had the privileged of shooting different pieces of art from various artist.

Its been awhile since i focused this hard to get the best photo to show off the value of these items. Its not over but here is a sneak peak at the luxury bags handbags which are now up for sale.

A Jelly Cat Modeling

 My name is yoselle, but you wouldnt know cause i dont talk.

Im a Jelly cat doll and i was dragged by this man; i think he wants to rid of me. so we made our way to Ell-Tee studios wanting a photo so i can put it my store profile picture. We went through the process and got a nice photo right in the beginning, but then Ell Tee came up with this creative photo idea. dont ask!
 Chin up chin down, a little to the right a little to the left. Just one more.  I mean its ok for him to fiddle with my chin its just heady for me.
 You know how much angles are important, and if you can take every single angle, you are definitely going to get a few nice ones. I know my left side is "ripplebeautiful"
 Oh no, I cant even see you take those pics of me! Should i be looking back?

 Oh your soooo taking photos of my bum. Thats not nice!!
 Oh ill be dancing when im done with all this, how are my feet smelling? oh thats right you guys cant tell. haha
Well here i am sitting in my "Art Directors" chair, i think its a wrap.

We got the photos we needed and everyone was very suppostive for the ideas and behaved so well. Success in the making!

Till next time! Shalom!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peoples names on paper

Its not everyday that i get a email with my name on it, or with other peoples names on it.

Above you can see some drawings from my little sister Mushkie. She has a wonderful artistic eye and decided that my name has the straight lines all over the place. Im not sure if that was a hint of my creative photography talent that im trying to develope or maybe she has something else nice in mind.

Either way im sure you guys can appreciate these types of things from your little sisters, knowing all well that they are reading this post and the wonder of how many others are reading about them on my blog. (To you mushkie: "its my honor to show your work on my blog for all to see")

Do you have any scribbles from when you were in school that you liked back then and kept it till now?

Post is here!

Riding on the 5 Train from Brooklyn

Taking the train is always entertaining, you can have interesting people come around and tell you things and entertain.

I took the train yesterday on the way to The Ajax Union Google blogging seminar which was a free seminar about online blogging which we had a successful turn out.

So i was looking around on the subway to see who i can photograph posing with our Ajax Union flyer.

I Found some Cute little children and i asked their mother if i can photograph them, and these are what i got.

What the weirdest thing youve seen on the subway? (or funniest)

You can comment on this photo over on our Facebook fan page