Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Me and Micheal Buble

G'morning y'all,

So I already know that im aint no "Super star" or show off singer but I thought it would be fun to make a short recording for some of you to laugh at and if you dont know music so well then you might even enjoy it!

This is my attempted at recording Micheal Buble's "Just haven't met you yet" - Its like a funny version of his song only its me singing it.

And once I was at it, I guess the photo just so I can add a photo to my creative portfolio and add some humor to the project.

I made the recording in 2 tries, and the end in a few more. Critique isnt the reason im posting this so if im off tune. Im really sorry and dont listen to it or share it with anyone.

Happy Chanuka and Happy holidays!

  Havent met you yet - LT by shuntzy

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