Friday, November 26, 2010

Menorah made of snow.

As we near Chanukah all the schools and learning programs make contests for the coolest looking Menorah and trying to find a winner for the most thought through, creative ideas.

Im my home its no different, only the children are abit older and ideas are more tough. We came up with this brilliant way to make a Menorah out of snow, and light it up bright so it can be seen from the street and down the block (and of course keep it safe)

This is how we did it! Read more:

Its called the "Ice cup". Try this, take two cups of different size, so one fits into the other rather loosely. fill the bigger one with water, and place the smaller cup inside. Then place weight (roll of coins) in middle of the dry cup number two.  Let it freeeeeze!

Once frozen you take out of the freezer, and its ready to use!

If done correctly the bottom of this thin ice cup should be very thin.
You place it upside on top of any candle (with adult supervision)

The idea is that the ice lights up with the candle, Not a small wick but now its beautiful to see it on the block!  Nice to see!

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