Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chanuka paper goods

Its that time of year when everyone is making parties for the Chanuka festivities.

So imagine this, you have this idea in the back of your head that its your girls birthday during Chanuka and you just want to join the parties together so you dont have to buy everything twice, your thinking of going down to the dollar store to see what selection of colors they have, then decide what color themes and decorations to plan.

Then you would think the judaica store would have some sort of selection for Chanuka you make your way in between carpool and that Wednesday night shiur, you finally make it and they are all out of the set for the same blue colour theme with cups, plates etc.

So why would i be telling you this? _ you can just go online in the comfort of your home and just order it online. Let me tell you that most plates are standard and there is not much to think about when ordering your carefully selected Chanuka paper dinner or party supplies.

Its about using the internet in our times to our advantage.

This is inspiring. See some more of my product photography i did for Paper Goods Direct

See if you can find my blog banner photo of the plastic colored cutlery

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