Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy is wind.

The lights are dimmed, slow music is playing through my headphones and im sitting in my tall comfy office chair swiveling my feet on the wooden floor. Its October 29th. Hurricane Sandy is hitting New York city. 

Its been a long day, starting with frantic phone calls ringing to make sure life will be calm while I take shelter keeping away from the 75 MPH winds whistling over my skylight. 

In truth with headphones, and good music why does the weather matter at all?

I believe in precautions, the ones that keep us prepared for the worst, its the reason we buy insurance, for the fear of the unknown we can assume to pay for the while so as life moves on we have a mind that is at ease, at rest for keeping the real priorities and so we can concentrate for the task at hand.

The huge department store Target was out of toilet paper and bottled water during their sunday open hours. Why? what? when? how?

Worry is a stress, and people seem to care less when they are assured they have the toilet paper in their storage "Just in case" 

Well if they can do that, I can hide under my kitchen table with my cans of tuna and flash light. 

Just for you guys! 

 In which situation do you hate the "worry" part most? 

Here is a link to some of the photos I captured on my walk this afternoon. -  Sandy Album

Photo Credit: Avrohom Perl

Photo Credit: Avrohom Perl

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