Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Photographers Perfect Angle

Photographers around the world take that extra step to make sure that you, the client are fully satisfied with the final image.

Sometimes its hard for us, we communicate in another language then you when it comes to photography and yet we are at the receiving side of these demands, and we try our best to sell you and deliver the results that will have you more then satisfied and images that you will print and brag to your friends about.

Thats why we master our style so you see the consistency in our work to let us "do our thing"

And for those of you, we thank you for giving us way toward the path of creative thinking, and creative freedom; another road to get amazing images. :)

I like to do small projects that are from start to finish 30-60m.

So the other day I was in touch with my friend Avrohom from he is a very talented photographer with a great eye for detail, go check out his work.

So we got together and created this image. The idea was to get a "calm, photographers in concentration mode" image of Avrohom taking an image but the rest of his body would be elevated in the air, showing that "extra step" to get the perfect angle.

Here is the image.

Clicker credit: Ell Tee Photo. Photo edit by: Avrohom Perl

67mm (24-105L)
ISO 100,
 - Using the Canon 5DM2 soft box to the cameras right, and rim on the far left, and a white back ground.

Here is a image from behind the scenes of how we shot it. (2 shots.)

Here are some images from the same shoot, in between photos. 

Clicker credit: Ell Tee Photo. Photo edit by: Avrohom Perl

More posts to come! 

p.s. Feedback from you guys is what will keep me blogging more frequently. ;)

You guys are awesome!! 

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