Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ell Tee Is published again!

Thank you, thank you!

Oh yes its here, Ell Tee Photo gets published for my friend Pat from //Warm speakers.
He is a solo artist, composer musician and he made it to the DIY in the UK

So very excited you can check out the post right over here Warm speakers on DIY

This is from a past photo shoot, just republished!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Children school photography

Children have fun in the hallway of their school
The other week I got to spend some time in one of the oldest established Jewish schools called "Yeshiva Torah Vadaath"

Ive been working on a project for the schools website, and so i wanted some fun shots of the kids playing. More from this project will be posted in the near future.

Kids having fun in school, there is no better place for children then school and might aswell let them have fun.

(Sorry this post isnt as funny as the others. )

To a good week ahead, Shalom!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Understanding a Photograph

Did you watch that before even reading what was written below?
It seams like people are much quicker to watching a video that is interesting, then to read through paragraphs of information.

I will try to make more videos explaining what I do and what I normally post about, And maybe some "behind the scenes"

Well for now, you must find a photo from my blog and post it to the comments below!!!!

Starts now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What do you fluff?

From the one and only Kalli:

Thank you Levi for reintroducing my body to Marshmallow Fluff.  Whether in my hot chocolate in the morning, or on a spoon in the afternoon, I’m taking in enough calories to justify its production.

This is part of the "guest blogger series"

Find out how you can be a guest blogger. Inquire within

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sarah - Another Social Media Ninja!

Sarah, is another girl on our Social media team.

When someone says "hey lets dress like nerds!" what comes to mind?

A hat? a ferocious book? (those are her real glasses.. no dress up there)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Life without color

Levi - "life without color"
What would the world be without color? What would one day be different from another in the way we dress? why would anyone need to go shopping?

Well the answer to some of those questions are because we wear different colors. Well not exactly but that would be funny to see.

Why is it that in School or Yeshiva they make a dress code that is usually pretty simple? It has the nickname "Penguin boy" Cause they dress students in Black and white! The idea of not bringing too much attention to your self by the way of dress.. hmm, I would think that I stuck out like a sore thumb in a crown being the only one dressed like a penguin.

Its generations later and the custom is still the same (still no rule against colored socks)

Purim is just around the corner, if you cannot find a costume then at least add some spunky colors. colors are fun to wear and bring out a different personality in the way you go about your day!

Wear a color, and wear it proud!

Shabbat shalom!

P.s. Oh the photo? ye I took it in 5m, edited in 30s and posted this in maybe 15m altogether. simple yet Creative photography concept, no?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marketing for Dummies - Photo

Jess, Our social media expert

Thats Jess! another member from our "Social media team" - They are a team of hard workers and they get the job done having fun. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday cards for Mom

Mushkie's birthday card that she made for Mom
So graphic design has been around for ages, back in the day people were even making scrapbooks!

Remember those days?

Well what my sister does is obviously to her best talent, she makes the cards from real paper and even uses her very own type font!

I got hold of this on valentines day but I think the heart is still for my mom for any day of the week.

To those who's names are Mushkie, and if its your moms birthday too. You can share this post with her and im sure she will looooove it!

A big Mazal Tov to Mother!

For all the Brochois that you are supposed to have on this special day and any day of the year, You will continue to spread words of encouragement and keep those around you inspired for reaching their best through providing them with words of motivation and encouragement all with more blessings that you can handle for you and your family with health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success in all that you do, with Nachas from your children, you shall continue to be the best Morah, Aunt, Sister in law, and the best of all you are the best mom any child could wish for. All these blessing and more till you will say "Enough!"
We will soon have the ultimate blessing through making this world a nice place for today and a even better tomorrow with the coming of the Moshiach! Amen.

To many more, Lechaim!


What would Google do?

Even you would be surprised!
So Im sure by now you know that I work at a Internet marketing company and im sure you've also seen our funny video that i posted awhile ago and the funny Facebook page and other related posts.

This was my own idea to take some fun style photos of our teams at the office, I have still yet to get through the other Editorial team which i took their photos last week, I will be posting some of that group in the near future.

Of course the Social media team has alot more of a creative ideas and decided to "Redo" our nerd look of the company (Our brand is a few faces of cool nerds holding our different service packs) We used the most random items from the office and put them in the photo.

In this photo above you can see Jessica holding up a book that we found on the shelf, it reads "What would Google do?"  - I haven't read it so I wouldn't know what its about but I could imagine its something internet related (Ye I know.)

The lighting I used in this photos is not at all that complicated, I like it cause its a "bright" photo all around, and our brilliant creative concept really sticks out to the viewers eyes.

I used my flash and placed it on a high shelf to the camera's right hand side, I used a reflector on a chair a little to the left under the lens. This was a small room so I used the 50mm zoom on the flash at 1/2 power.

With more to come from the nerds at Ajax in the near future!

I just need to go through them and post them. ;)

Its Wednesday, do a hop on one foot!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Reading a book on the kitchen floor

Levi Reading book on the kitchen floor
There is nothing more relaxing then sitting on the kitchen floor and have a read through a favorite book let it be about advertising, or creative photography. or maybe some photo albums.

Setting up this photo I used my friends books, hes got some interesting collection and some really nice books to read, well at least if you like "advertising" or marketing, or anything a copywriter would want the time to read, hes got it. So I figured ill just cover the kitchen with them and take a photo. its that simple.

And that come to a close of another Ell Tee blog post!

If yu enjoyed this, ye thats a good thing!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Own Family As Photographers

So the other week I sent my old camera home to my family to see if its just me with the talented eye for detail or maybe its where im from that i learned.

Within a few minutes my younger brother and sister were taking photos of my cousins that came to visit and you can obviously see that what ever it is in my hands, i get it from my home, my mom and for that and many more that she has given to me and my siblings.

For this specific I would like to thank hashem for my nature, and my mom for the nurture.

To all the moms in the world! We appreciate it very much all the warmth and care that you show us and believe in us your children. Shalom!

A Drawing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

My brother Hershi has been keeping himself busy with the extra time on his hands, and hes been drawing different photos of the Rebbe, Here is a famous photo that he drew with the good old school H2 pencil!!! thats the same pencil you used when you were young in school.

Now thats a creative! ka"h

Do to something that you like, even though you may not be the best at it but if it keeps you occupied and you enjoy it. That is a gifted talent that hashem gave you to explore your creativity.

If you have a hidden talent that you never let anyone see. Please do share it with us! we wan to see how creative minds work and see the brilliance in your work and I know that there are many others who will enjoy it.

Let me see some creative work!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Levi as a wedding photographer - Part 1

Rumbling down the runway at LGA airport with the noise of the engine blaring and the sound of the wind rushing by...

Im back from my little time spent in Texas.

What Texas? ye I know ive been hiding it from you and I havent blogged much over the last little bit.

Ill explain.

I was asked to join as a 2nd photographer for a wedding in Texas, thinking it was a good opportunity for me I decided to take the time off from work and get out to work with a very experienced photographer on a important job to capture the special day for the "Soon to be" couple.

Arriving with a open mind as to how im going to adapt to how this other photographer does "his thing" and to learn how works so I can work with him to work the most effectively.

To be blogged about at a different time I can now say that I was naive as to how much details is cared for and how time flies when everyone is running and kids are tripping, cousins are distracting and waiters are carrying trays right through the crowd.. Etc

It was an amazing learning experience and Im glad I decided to join!

How would you approach a wedding when you enter a room this size and you cant miss a thing?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Vieques Island - Postcard style

Vieques Island - Puerto Rico (©Ell Tee Photo)

What do natural colors mean to you?
We know the choices of color when we go to the painter but the most natural of colors you can only see by seeing the world from different angles, here is a view from  a small airplane flying at about a thousand feet. Just after take off we flew over the edge of the "Vieques Island" which is a island off Puerto Rico you can see the clear water ocean color and border shore with mini beaches.

Flying that low gives you the ability to still see the detail of what your looking at out side your window yes still look across the horizon and im sure a sunset from this view would be beautiful.

We all have the ability to see the world from our own perspective and selfishly take in all that god has created for us to enjoy and appreciate. look around and see what you already have that you can look at and say "Thank you god" and take in the appreciation for what we already and for what we can achieve, we all have the powers for our journey and mission.
Take advantage of this that we are told so and use it to our advantage to go strong!
(©Ell Tee Photo)

(©Ell Tee Photo)
To a good week ahead! Think positive!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two photos, two years apart

Same pic different time.

Isnt it so cool that you can take a photo just 2 years apart and see what time does to your face.

These are two photos of my brother that he took of himself from the computer, this is the view i usually get when im skyping home