Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday cards for Mom

Mushkie's birthday card that she made for Mom
So graphic design has been around for ages, back in the day people were even making scrapbooks!

Remember those days?

Well what my sister does is obviously to her best talent, she makes the cards from real paper and even uses her very own type font!

I got hold of this on valentines day but I think the heart is still for my mom for any day of the week.

To those who's names are Mushkie, and if its your moms birthday too. You can share this post with her and im sure she will looooove it!

A big Mazal Tov to Mother!

For all the Brochois that you are supposed to have on this special day and any day of the year, You will continue to spread words of encouragement and keep those around you inspired for reaching their best through providing them with words of motivation and encouragement all with more blessings that you can handle for you and your family with health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success in all that you do, with Nachas from your children, you shall continue to be the best Morah, Aunt, Sister in law, and the best of all you are the best mom any child could wish for. All these blessing and more till you will say "Enough!"
We will soon have the ultimate blessing through making this world a nice place for today and a even better tomorrow with the coming of the Moshiach! Amen.

To many more, Lechaim!


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