Monday, February 6, 2012

Vieques Island - Postcard style

Vieques Island - Puerto Rico (©Ell Tee Photo)

What do natural colors mean to you?
We know the choices of color when we go to the painter but the most natural of colors you can only see by seeing the world from different angles, here is a view from  a small airplane flying at about a thousand feet. Just after take off we flew over the edge of the "Vieques Island" which is a island off Puerto Rico you can see the clear water ocean color and border shore with mini beaches.

Flying that low gives you the ability to still see the detail of what your looking at out side your window yes still look across the horizon and im sure a sunset from this view would be beautiful.

We all have the ability to see the world from our own perspective and selfishly take in all that god has created for us to enjoy and appreciate. look around and see what you already have that you can look at and say "Thank you god" and take in the appreciation for what we already and for what we can achieve, we all have the powers for our journey and mission.
Take advantage of this that we are told so and use it to our advantage to go strong!
(©Ell Tee Photo)

(©Ell Tee Photo)
To a good week ahead! Think positive!

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