Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The bare minimum

I came across this yesterday and took a photo with my phone.

What luxuries are we used that we look at this photo and say "shame" who would ever use that?
And if I tell you it wasnt clean I hope you can understand that, and guess what it was the regular bathroom experience like any other fancy restroom in a hotel lobby or exiteway off the highway.

When is it that we say to much to over expensive decorations and silver lined mirrors, this is the bare minimum that youll need, the most simplistic of them all. (with a warm steam in along the wall)

Phone photography allows me to try and capture in the most simplistic way, in a way that you can do the same. Encouraging all of you do go out and take a pic with your phone, but think first, what are you trying to capture, what are you wanting to show, think of a mood and set it.

Take a photo of a mood.

What are you in the mood for this afternoon?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Give a PhotoShoot as a Gift

Now you must be wondering why i used this image, right?

Well I figured you would probably remember longer then it took for me to decide on choosing it. anyway, just imagine you get this letter in the mail one day, and its from a friend that wants to treat you out with a gift and buys you a photo shoot! you would be the most excited, and the process is so seamless that you book your time with Levi, together you decide what the idea and theme it should be, you choose a location that you feel would suit best.

Selecting a outfit and matching colours for the family is all in a upbeat, you just have to show up and give him your best and most natural "self" that youve got and to just have fun is all he will ask for.

You can jump, laugh, play, pose. anything you want, he will find your natural self and capture that inside of you. We are all a little shy in front of a camera, but Levi has this special touch which makes it so easy to be yourself when he takes his photographs.

Tell me, when do you feel most shy? when do you feel like you just want to walk away?
Who would you buy a gift photo shoot for

Baby Mendel

Baby Mendel was born 15 days ago, his mom asked me to come take some photos of him before he gets too old and moves too much. 
This was my first try at taking photos of babies, and it was pretty fun and I would have to say thanks to Esti, I would not have been able to do this without his mom and all the props and ideas she came up with from looking at other photographers work online and then showing me what she wanted. 

Once the baby is quiet and comfortable you can really just shoot anywhere in the house. Its a good idea to turn up the heat in the house, so the baby keeps warm. 

The first image was taken in the bathroom, I did flash it with my remote flash from inside the room towards the ceiling which gave me more light to work with and keep the tones and colors as they are real.

This was a success at my first try for baby photography

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pasta on a blue plate!

So let's say photos are not your thing, right?

But you still want to check out my amazingly informative blog. Right?

So here you go: a photo of my latest recipe of penne pasta that I made for dinner the other night.

Cooking the pasta was always a matter of taste and try. Eventually you’ll get the "al dente," cooked to perfection. I would suggest practice on a Sunday afternoon and just keep the water in the pot fresh and keep cooking pasta. I promise you will get more experience!

The sauce is my personal specialty. Well, let’s say I’m biased for one reason alone—I finished the entire pot—but still.

So I emptied out the hot, steamy water, opened one of those small cans of Heinz tomato sauce, added some basil and oregano spice, poured in some milk and kept it on a low flame.

The milk does burn quickly so keep a close eye on it. I also added a little sprinkle from my Mrs. Dash collection.

I put a handful of cheese on top and mixed it around...then carefully poured it onto a milchig plate and sprinkled some extra cheese on top for the photo and snapped a few shots!

Just keep in mind, usually when the cheese cools down it will stick to the pot and it will be tough to clean, but because the recipe calls for milk to be added to mix, you won’t have any problem with rinsing out the pot after you finish your dinner. It’s easy to clean!

That’s a wrap!

Contest: Where did i make a speeling mistake? In the comments below...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I need your input!

Hey guys,

Its been over two weeks since i've blogged! Isnt that crazy?
Yes, that is crazy. I was thinking if i can post more informative posts maybe ill have some interaction with those of you that actually read my Ell Tee blog. And I know that the more interaction i get the more motivated I am to post. 

Its like a way of saying thanks, or some sense of acknowledgment if you just leave any feedback on any of my childrens portraits and not leave me to my analytics to try and decipher what browser you are viewing my blog or the amount of spam bots that come and leave within the first 10 seconds!

So after all that, I'm going to need some ideas, what do you like to read about? Maybe you have a Q and i have the A? What was the last inquiry that you searched in google? it doesnt have to be about Photography.

Lets try this. Write the first 3 words that come to your head in the comments below.
The winner is the one with the most random 3 words!

Lets go. Populate the comments!!! Starting now....