Monday, January 16, 2012

Give a PhotoShoot as a Gift

Now you must be wondering why i used this image, right?

Well I figured you would probably remember longer then it took for me to decide on choosing it. anyway, just imagine you get this letter in the mail one day, and its from a friend that wants to treat you out with a gift and buys you a photo shoot! you would be the most excited, and the process is so seamless that you book your time with Levi, together you decide what the idea and theme it should be, you choose a location that you feel would suit best.

Selecting a outfit and matching colours for the family is all in a upbeat, you just have to show up and give him your best and most natural "self" that youve got and to just have fun is all he will ask for.

You can jump, laugh, play, pose. anything you want, he will find your natural self and capture that inside of you. We are all a little shy in front of a camera, but Levi has this special touch which makes it so easy to be yourself when he takes his photographs.

Tell me, when do you feel most shy? when do you feel like you just want to walk away?
Who would you buy a gift photo shoot for


  1. This is definitely true: "Levi has this special touch which makes it so easy to be yourself when he takes his photographs."

    Levi has photographed me and I felt most at ease in his care.

    1. Me too!! Levi is the best photographer, hands down!!

  2. I am most shy when the person looking at me knows exactly what I'm thinking.

  3. I'm thinking of buying a photoshoot for my wife and her sisters. Good idea?

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