Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The bare minimum

I came across this yesterday and took a photo with my phone.

What luxuries are we used that we look at this photo and say "shame" who would ever use that?
And if I tell you it wasnt clean I hope you can understand that, and guess what it was the regular bathroom experience like any other fancy restroom in a hotel lobby or exiteway off the highway.

When is it that we say to much to over expensive decorations and silver lined mirrors, this is the bare minimum that youll need, the most simplistic of them all. (with a warm steam in along the wall)

Phone photography allows me to try and capture in the most simplistic way, in a way that you can do the same. Encouraging all of you do go out and take a pic with your phone, but think first, what are you trying to capture, what are you wanting to show, think of a mood and set it.

Take a photo of a mood.

What are you in the mood for this afternoon?