Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ell-Tee makes it to FOX business national TV

 So i knew it was coming, i just didnt know when.

But here is the proof Ell-Tee has made it to national TV on FOX business network during a interview with our boss, Joe and Zevi. for a specialist in online marketing and Google certified for PPC and SEO, always out there helping companies grow online

Its what we do and im still loving my job, the days are quickly passing by and im learning alot.

Ajax Union is Featured On Fox Business with Tobin Smith from Ajax Union on Vimeo.

Thanks for stopping by! i know you guys are here reading this cause i see the aneletics but please dont be shy to comment so i can interact with you fans! (yes! i do mean you in Malaysia or Singapore that checks my blog) :P

Be well my friends!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The office S01E01

So today the decision was made to be the day to take the group photograph of the staff at Ajax Union

Obviously the big group photo doesnt look the best, but they wanted some cool for the different teams and those you can see. the content writer team is the most creative and "out there" type of people and they are a fun bunch!
Then you can see the program/web developer team, they think in numbers and <>)(!
And the social media team, which are a bunch of girls who sit on facebook all day posting quality content for the companies we manage. (dream job, no?)

And the boss! ye, he is on a bicycle!

On that topic, i just wanted to share the latest recording Joe made and its called "Where my peeps at"

Tell me what you think about my new job. would you work in such an environment?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ajax not the soap. The X

 Hey there, You my followers are the best! you still check my blog even though i havent posted in awhile. Its because of you that i will make sure to post more often so you are not seeing old news ever again when you check back

As im sure you have noticed, i got a new job at Ajax Union - Ajax Union is a online marketing company that offers different services to help small to medium sized businesses succeed online! with management to production to results. We are a transparent company managing your online reputation and making you available for those searching online.

The First Photo is from the Google seminar we had at the New Yorker Hotel in mahattan. Those who attended learned some interesting facts about how google works and how to use it for promoting their business online. And our job was training, and we got to network with them.

After are two photos of my boss, very creative thinker and just a real chilled guy. the title on the photos are "Thinking out of the box is using a this kind of mirror"

The Middle few photos that i posted are of the "Editorial writter" they are clicking all day on their keypads writing content for clients of ours on blogs etc.. all of which Google takes into count seeing that you post relative quality content. (part of the SEO package)

I also posted a photo of the sales team i joined. We are a "Whole sail teem" abunch of creative individuals who come together to help promote and close in on clients who need our service! ;)

"This is Levi here and im calling from Ajax union!" (718) 569-1020 #420
Mention my name ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maybe this style?

Of course everyone has their own style, but can you choose yours?   as a photographer i see so many photographs and i work in detail that i forget what the naked eye sees. And thats where you come in to help me!
Over the next few weeks i will be posting many different styles that people like you may like so if you see a particular photo that you really like be sure to comment and reason why you like it, and you will help me figure what is more likeable for others!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Eye pop!

Ive been doing my research through talking to many people about photography and other photographers and why they like certain photos over others etc.

One comment i commonly get is the "sharp image, with eyes that pop"  -- speak to any photographer and they will tell you that its just a over sharpened image, but for the client its a eyepopper!

Thanks guys for your input, it helps me developed some sort of process  when i try to reach out to new clients and find out what they like and what they want.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crash boom

The other night i got a call about a crash down the block from me and if i could check it out to see whats happening.
When i got there, the EMTs had already cut open the door to the car and were taking away the second driver to the hospital.  I hope they are ok, the cars on scene didnt look like they had a "small bump"

More photos are posted here!

Dental instruments photos

These are the images i took for this company, i think the photos are self explanatory, they are dentist instruments on a isolated white backround with minimal black shadow as requested!

If you think about it, on a scale from 1 to 10, professional level being 10 and real amature to the lowest number  what would you rate this series of randomly selected photos based on your thoughts?

In the comments below is where we share our thoughts with each other ;)
(aka feel free to write something)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Challange me, pls?

Thats my photo and the image the client asked me to copy! (Sorry i just had to size it to the original size)

Which do you think is more professional, clean, correctly colour balanced, sharp, easy viewing angle?

Oh and he said "the image isnt sharp" --??
Yours truly

Does this bring you good memories?

Wall art - New collection!