Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ajax not the soap. The X

 Hey there, You my followers are the best! you still check my blog even though i havent posted in awhile. Its because of you that i will make sure to post more often so you are not seeing old news ever again when you check back

As im sure you have noticed, i got a new job at Ajax Union - Ajax Union is a online marketing company that offers different services to help small to medium sized businesses succeed online! with management to production to results. We are a transparent company managing your online reputation and making you available for those searching online.

The First Photo is from the Google seminar we had at the New Yorker Hotel in mahattan. Those who attended learned some interesting facts about how google works and how to use it for promoting their business online. And our job was training, and we got to network with them.

After are two photos of my boss, very creative thinker and just a real chilled guy. the title on the photos are "Thinking out of the box is using a this kind of mirror"

The Middle few photos that i posted are of the "Editorial writter" they are clicking all day on their keypads writing content for clients of ours on blogs etc.. all of which Google takes into count seeing that you post relative quality content. (part of the SEO package)

I also posted a photo of the sales team i joined. We are a "Whole sail teem" abunch of creative individuals who come together to help promote and close in on clients who need our service! ;)

"This is Levi here and im calling from Ajax union!" (718) 569-1020 #420
Mention my name ;)

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