Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The office S01E01

So today the decision was made to be the day to take the group photograph of the staff at Ajax Union

Obviously the big group photo doesnt look the best, but they wanted some cool for the different teams and those you can see. the content writer team is the most creative and "out there" type of people and they are a fun bunch!
Then you can see the program/web developer team, they think in numbers and <>)(!
And the social media team, which are a bunch of girls who sit on facebook all day posting quality content for the companies we manage. (dream job, no?)

And the boss! ye, he is on a bicycle!

On that topic, i just wanted to share the latest recording Joe made and its called "Where my peeps at"

Tell me what you think about my new job. would you work in such an environment?

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