Friday, March 30, 2012

Puerto Rico Review

 Its been awhile since I got some pretty places to show you, I recently took a trip with some friends down to Puerto Rico.

During my trip I promised not to post anything from the trip till after we're all back in NY, just so we could relax and not worry about getting anyone in cold New York get any feeling of jealousy. as im sure you can imagine we had a good time.

Here are few for you to enjoy.
 Benny peaking through the wide window at the fortress in Old san juan.
 Still at the fortress, we posed for a group photo and asked a fellow guy who was taking photos nearby
 Cruise liners can be seen docking during the day and continue with their trip at night.
A nice candid photo. Tells a story and shows movement.

 Puerto rico also has a beautiful airport!

A day at the beach! the weather was not consistent at all, it was sunny one minute and clowdy the next then rain then the sun came out. etc dont ask!

Shabbat shalom peoples!

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  1. By word of mouth!
    all my friends were talking about it

  2. Nice levi, stunning shots - when did you go? Did you stay in san juan? I seem to recognize the beach pic from when we were there ...

  3. Thanks for posting these, really nice! but you should post even more to show the real beauty of PR!