Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Jelly Cat Modeling

 My name is yoselle, but you wouldnt know cause i dont talk.

Im a Jelly cat doll and i was dragged by this man; i think he wants to rid of me. so we made our way to Ell-Tee studios wanting a photo so i can put it my store profile picture. We went through the process and got a nice photo right in the beginning, but then Ell Tee came up with this creative photo idea. dont ask!
 Chin up chin down, a little to the right a little to the left. Just one more.  I mean its ok for him to fiddle with my chin its just heady for me.
 You know how much angles are important, and if you can take every single angle, you are definitely going to get a few nice ones. I know my left side is "ripplebeautiful"
 Oh no, I cant even see you take those pics of me! Should i be looking back?

 Oh your soooo taking photos of my bum. Thats not nice!!
 Oh ill be dancing when im done with all this, how are my feet smelling? oh thats right you guys cant tell. haha
Well here i am sitting in my "Art Directors" chair, i think its a wrap.

We got the photos we needed and everyone was very suppostive for the ideas and behaved so well. Success in the making!

Till next time! Shalom!

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