Monday, August 20, 2012

The client is always right.

Oh yes, im sure by now you guys recognize this again. 

Its the one and only,

They asked me to resize the ad yet again, and this time im feeling its abit old. If only i can come up with better lines for the photos and just make amazing designs. 

Client: "We love your style of having negative space, but we want to show them all that we do" 

Me: "How about this" (I make the photo smaller and throw in some of the green)

Client: "We really love it, but can we add text and our email, we want the logo to be prominent for branding and it should be obvious that we are an american company" (Being the ad was to be distributed in the UK) etc.

So I made the photos smaller, and added a brief description and resized about the whole thing, small tweeks.

Client: "This is our pick!" 

Me: "Why dont you Just use the 2nd one?" - Im only joking, i didnt tell them that. But I like it so im posting it for you guys to see. :)

Which one do you like from choosing either #1 or #2? 

And what would you differently? 

Im all ears.

To good days ahead!

#1 Advert

#2 Advert


  1. Did they force you to leave the pliers in there?

    1. They asked me to add 3 other images. lol