Thursday, November 24, 2011

Patrick from //Warm Speakers

So the other day, i was asked by my coworker Patrick from Warm Speakers if i can shoot some shots of him for his music profile for his band "Warm Speakers". He is very easy going and I had a idea for the theme of the photoshoot. Band photos I have yet to master and would love the opportunity to shoot a few more for portfolio.

After listening to some of his music, I was thinking something urban, some grey and dark colors. The theme was not too serious but a "warm thoughts" type, with just that smirk feeling in them. Its a "good space/vibe" to be, I felt the music to be uplifting and inspirational. Slow tempo and very calm beat.

With such a clear tone.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Its not everyday that we get to do our online internet marketing job and still be givin the go-ahead to practice our talents.

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