Friday, November 25, 2011

A Gift From Above

One day sitting on the floor of my kitchen i hear this eeering noise of a flash charging up. and out from heaven it came. It was this colorful camera falling to me. I opened my hands trying to catch it.

The force that came with this special gift camera was a moment for me that i knew i would remember for a life time. 
 It made me jump with joy and shock as i was trying to cover up from witnessing this miracle. Like when was the last time you saw a flying camera?
 I just knew, with the feel of this colorful camera in my very both hands that i would be able to conquer any photo project that i would have the opportunity to do. Hop! hop!

Having a play with it was like a dream come true, every feature about it was so easy to use and my photos came out great!
 I even introduced him to my other friends in the camera bag! Like the bag itself, the grey card. And even the chewing gum (ask me about it)
 After all said and done! This was totally a gift from the one above. The joy i have using such a piece of technology that is well built and easy to use as this one, is such a pleasure.

(This story was madeup in the events of tonights 3hr jewelry shoot, and my head boggling around)

Update: Next week i will be doing a video shoot interviewing a woman who will be talking about the "Israeli war of independence" - It will be interesting. and i am looking for a extra hand for anyone that would like to join please do inquire within.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all I hope you enjoy your quality family time you spend together

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  1. we are loving this. stories are a great idea. and of course it made me laugh.