Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ell Tee Rebranding - Explained

You may have realized that I've put a new cover photo on Facebook. (have you liked it yet? Click here Ell Tee Photo)

- No more of that blank image with my dumb logo!

You have taken the time to come check out my work, so I might aswell give you the "feel" for who I am - and what I like to do!

I have dabbled myself in many areas of photography, the reason is because I wanted to learn and perfect myself in all those areas so one day I can be the best photographer I can be.

I'll explain: (in no specific order)

1. Commercial products -
 I wanted to learn to perfect color, shadow, detail, best angle, showing the best view per product, putting myself in the eyes of the buyer and this has brought me to shooting a detailed mirror, jewelry, chinese auction photos and many of other products.
The amount of detail and technical knowledge is what makes it difficult and thats why I wanted to learn it.

2. Commercial studio / fashion -
 I wanted to learn how to interact with models, clothing, idea of "sell this item" and I need to concentrate on the product, and not the person or the getting the best "portrait"
These are photos where the viewers eyes go to the product and not the face, these are very slight differences in posing and expression and eye direction. etc

3. Headshots -
 I like people and I like learning peoples stories, so you may have realized a few of many headshots have been posted to my blog/FB - But why?

I am working on a ongoing project, that will eventually go to print, Im building up a relationship with as many creative influential individuals that I can and get their headshot. More details will be announced in the coming few weeks.

4. Outdoor/On Location Portraits -
 From the beginning this was a strong point of mine - to have a family that will let me join them for a trip to a location and just photograph them for the most comfortable-fun-time.

I learned about family dynamics and got to study children's behavior and learned how to communicate with them at a level that i've had some tough children that I was asked to photograph and yet I can get the best portraits of them while listening (I dare you to give me a child that doesn't like to be photographed)

I find it super satisfying after I get amazing looking photographs of a child -using lots patience and carefully choosing my words till I have an companionship for a fun time and capture the best of the child.

5. Wedding photography -
I've been the 2nd shooter at more than 7 weddings, i've been getting a feel for it and learned that some I had more fun than others, this means learning on a team, on a timetable, and responsible for photographing an event that will not wait for me or listen to my direction.

With alot more on this topic - I would love to be the "comfortable wedding photographer"

Which means, I want to pursue wedding photography for the "calm, cool, collective, creative" people that I know.

6. Landscape - Sorry im not much of a nature, landscape much of a person
7. Street photography - While i think this is most fun - but i dont feel that this is my strongest field of play

8. Lechaim/ Event photography -
Believe it or not, this is where i make the most amount of money.

Events have little emotional moments that i've learned to anticipate and capture without anyone feeling like im "here to snap" - I shoot with a quiet shutter, and im polite, I've learned to sneak around and not take up to much space, and like with family portraiture, its really the personal time that I get to spend with two families who are coming together to wish the young couple the best wishes.

On a personal note: Recently, I've attended a few engagement parties of a few very special families, I felt like I connected with them and I think they have the most amazing energy, they were just so happy and smilie that I did something I almost never do - I uploaded more than double amount of photos then I usually do.

I just couldnt hold back and "not give" images that captured the moment so well, they I know in years to come, they will look through over and over again.

And I know that, because i've done it myself, and heard back from a few people I showed it to. This was their response "I started and saw 580 images and said "no way im going through all of these" ...."then I found myself going through every single image and smiling at my screen"

You can try for yourself here: http://smu.gs/18hiNN7

How does that make you feel?

And I'll leave that with you for now.

Rebrand statement:

I would like to shoot your event or engagement party, capturing the moments you want to relive.
Lets dress up a themed family photoshoot at a location of your choice, cuteness is a must!
A wedding is a special day - imagine it stress free. That would be my dream to photograph you and your family.

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