Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bar Mitzva Photo Booth Fun.

With every Bar Mitzva and Simcha you have creative ideas to make it more fun and memorable

Photographers all over have different shtick on how they do things, but when its your first time doing something, you kinda wing it and make sure it makes sense before you start and you learn from that experience.


The idea before we started was to shoot in RAW - Tethered.

Batch the photos with a PNG watermark which would have the wording and white border which we wanted for the final image to be printed on.

Simple? oh ye.

The Bar Mitzva went well, and everyone was super excited to use the photobooth and have their picture taken while having fun! - It was a major hit and everyone was waiting to take their picture home from the table spread of the printed photos.

After: Well now that its done, here would be a few tips for anyone that would want to repeat and use my experience for making a successful photo booth at your event

1. Shoot in RAW and JPG - It will quicken the processing and printing.
2. Shoot tethered, so you can use a preset for the colors and quick edits.
3. Keep a rating on your camera/computer on how many of each picture that you would want multiple prints.
4. Keep the pictures of groups of 2-4 people and print a few of that photo so each of them can take it home.
5. Keep in mind, that a printer might take up to 60 seconds to print a photo, thats 60 photos a hour. (may be a lot of time, if you have many guests)
6. Write your name on the back of the photo, or put a "photo by: " - its a great marketing tool. And while you're at it, make a sign that says "Photo booth by: Ell Tee Photo"
7. Prepare a table to spread the printed photos so people can look through them.
8. Use props, it enlightens the mood and the kids love them (And may walk away with your props too, so bring a few extra)

Results: We had a fun time - the guests also had a great time. Success!

I would definitely do it again. - And a huge shout out to best photographer, Avrohom Perl from for manning the booth and working out the technical parts to making it a sucess!

Here are a few samples from the booth. (and one crazy one of myself, just had to throw that in)

Levi from Ell Tee Photo, poses with  Avrohom from

Charlie Buttons

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