Monday, March 4, 2013

Headshots. Bigshots.

Taking the headshot can be more complicated then the regular. 

You are working with a person who has a busy day, and sets aside those few 20 minutes and hops by the studio cause he needs a new head shot, those few minutes I need to get him comfortable and discuss the need of the image, the type of people that will be looking at this photo, who his clientele are. etc

So its a rushed photo, and people are in the studio and and and. 

And so when Zunni came by, I figured we can smack this and bang it out. 

Zunni Greenbaum (c) 2013 Ell Tee Photo
With being soooo late behind for posting on this blog, every little word of encouragement helps me know that im writing this for some person out there, and maybe it inspires you to do something, knowing that gives me head and mind to put more effort into my blog.

It actually makes me think that most bloggers dont get any response but blog anyway.

I will try my best!

Till next time.


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