Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hipster Rabbi

Yes. Its been awhile. 

I left for a trip to Israel just after waking up from the New years party, and scrambled my suitcase to the airport to join a group of 35 other creative photographers on a Birthright trip to see and be inspired by the history rich-Jewish land. 

I will be posting more about my trip in another blog post, but why did I mention my trip? It was the inspiration for this image. 

Together with We put together this photo. 

The idea was from the good friends of mine that I met on the trip, they were forever calling me "Hipster Rabbi" "You have such a unique style" "Oh my love your look" - So this is me trying to be the most accurate to their description, and also keep to myself. 

2013 (c) Copyright of Avrohom Perl Photography

I have never really considered myself very photogenic, but after joining a trip with 24 other photographers and being asked to smile in many of their images it hit me that I may have a unique look. If I can humbly say so.

For the meanwhile, im enjoying all the attention and positive confidence its given me.

Below you can see the viral comments and attention its gotten, and I didnt post the personal messages or phone calls and fun laughs that I received.

You all know how much I love you guys, and I will leave you with a question.

Do you think this is something I should do? or maybe just leave it for fun Facebook posts. ;)

Till next time. Lehitraot

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  1. Looking good Lev. Glad you enjoyed the Birthright tour. Our younger daughter did the same tour a few years back and loved it.
    Btw you are a hip Rabbi. Keep up the good work. You have inspired me personally in many ways with you perhaps realising it.