Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CellPhone pix - A Collection 1

Going through my phone images the other day, I decided that I should have a series of posts showing these photos. I have a collection of the weirdest things that I will be sharing with you during the coming months.
1. Man watching baseball game.
1-2.  These photos were taken at a  baseball game at St johns park in Brooklyn, they have a man who is the referee. For the love of the game he joins in the fun of the jewish baseball teams that compete throughout the summer months.

2. Man sitting on a bench

3. The ceiling in the NYC Subway

3. Waiting for the subway, you come to wonder what happens to all the paint jobs that were done so many years ago, this is a photo of a water leak. and the effect.

4. The good old pay phone booths

4. This one was from a trip to Montreal, stopping at a rest area on the way i was talking on my cellphone and i ended up talking in the area right next to the one with the phone. That was when i realized that this is the "Cellphone booth"

5. Man got hit by a car which went through the red light
5. Rollerblading home from work one day, I arrived at the scene of a man who was lightly knocked over from a car who ran a red light. It was only a few minutes since so i stood in the street and made sure oncoming traffic didnt drive near him.
6. Sunset in Flatbush with a reflection that looks like a UFO

6. Standing at the Ajax window watching the sun set over flatbush I took out my phone and snapped this photo! (I know right?) But what are those funny looking circles in the photo? oooh those are the reflection from the window of the ceiling lights behind.

7. Streen in Brooklyn

"Crossing school" - what is X-ing anyway?

Apartment building in NYC

Fence closing in the school play yard. 

A Brooklyn Tree.
7. From here to the end are in the same group. After receiving emails from a friend with photos of some amazing weather I tried to show off our wonderful weather that we have had this winter in Brooklyn.
These are the results! Shame.

If you have any interesting photos from your phone, send them in! maybe they are post worthy.

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