Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What would Google do?

Even you would be surprised!
So Im sure by now you know that I work at a Internet marketing company and im sure you've also seen our funny video that i posted awhile ago and the funny Facebook page and other related posts.

This was my own idea to take some fun style photos of our teams at the office, I have still yet to get through the other Editorial team which i took their photos last week, I will be posting some of that group in the near future.

Of course the Social media team has alot more of a creative ideas and decided to "Redo" our nerd look of the company (Our brand is a few faces of cool nerds holding our different service packs) We used the most random items from the office and put them in the photo.

In this photo above you can see Jessica holding up a book that we found on the shelf, it reads "What would Google do?"  - I haven't read it so I wouldn't know what its about but I could imagine its something internet related (Ye I know.)

The lighting I used in this photos is not at all that complicated, I like it cause its a "bright" photo all around, and our brilliant creative concept really sticks out to the viewers eyes.

I used my flash and placed it on a high shelf to the camera's right hand side, I used a reflector on a chair a little to the left under the lens. This was a small room so I used the 50mm zoom on the flash at 1/2 power.

With more to come from the nerds at Ajax in the near future!

I just need to go through them and post them. ;)

Its Wednesday, do a hop on one foot!

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