Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pasta on a blue plate!

So let's say photos are not your thing, right?

But you still want to check out my amazingly informative blog. Right?

So here you go: a photo of my latest recipe of penne pasta that I made for dinner the other night.

Cooking the pasta was always a matter of taste and try. Eventually you’ll get the "al dente," cooked to perfection. I would suggest practice on a Sunday afternoon and just keep the water in the pot fresh and keep cooking pasta. I promise you will get more experience!

The sauce is my personal specialty. Well, let’s say I’m biased for one reason alone—I finished the entire pot—but still.

So I emptied out the hot, steamy water, opened one of those small cans of Heinz tomato sauce, added some basil and oregano spice, poured in some milk and kept it on a low flame.

The milk does burn quickly so keep a close eye on it. I also added a little sprinkle from my Mrs. Dash collection.

I put a handful of cheese on top and mixed it around...then carefully poured it onto a milchig plate and sprinkled some extra cheese on top for the photo and snapped a few shots!

Just keep in mind, usually when the cheese cools down it will stick to the pot and it will be tough to clean, but because the recipe calls for milk to be added to mix, you won’t have any problem with rinsing out the pot after you finish your dinner. It’s easy to clean!

That’s a wrap!

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  1. Do you think I can make the same thing with brown rice pasta? This looks delicious!