Thursday, December 8, 2011

A detailed reflective mirror, creatively photographed

Taking pictures of mirrors.

How hard can it really be? right?

Ill try to go through the process i did when i was asked to brainstorm an idea to show this piece of art knowing the artists intentions and show the value that a potential costumer will see and want to buy.

Without going on a long speech about how this was made, lets just dive in and figure out how to take  photo of something that is reflective.

We have a few priorities, 1. Keep the final image to look like the original (no distortion and real colours)
2. Capture the artist intentions and keep it in the final product.
3. Take a series of photos of how it would look like in a room setting, and another with the fine detail of the art.

Blah, its hard to write this. basically I have no idea how i got to the final image. I zoned in and you can view the final image at the bottom! (in the images you can see two different color mirrors, one with a blue tint, and the other with a brown hue)

(Ill have to rewrite this)

Leave a comment with any tips or ideas on how you think I should have done it.

Looking forward to discussing it with you

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