Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Selection of photos

In CGI montreal, The boys play baseball against the counselors. It was a fun game!
Atop the Rockefeller center with the Cteen group In New York
Woman wearing black walking her dogs in Prospect Park

Before the passover while I was in Ashland, Oregon. Being the few weeks before the Passover we were not aloud to eat those crackers so we took all the cute kids to the park and ate those TamTam like a hungry child
Vegetables on Pesach. We peel all greens even the red peppers!
During my walk up the street in Ashland, this greay squirrel followed me for a part of the way and i have at least 5 pictures of this grey squirall standing tall in the grass

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  1. i see some familiar pics here ;)
    i still love the veggie peels! still looks so fresh and crisp... hmmmm a year old are they? lol