Monday, April 9, 2018

How to create a High resolution Motorola phone image

To create a high resolution image show casing the curves and detail of a product is so important and with no better way to show this then photographing a phone in all its glory.

This motorola phone is a sample of what is possible, you can purchase it on amazon by searching "motorola X pro Unlocked phone" (that is where I purchased mine)

These images are shot using a main light source diffused with panel to show the gradients on the product. The results are what you see.

20 images stack focused, means that there are 20 images taken at various focusing points on the phone, afterwards its compiled into photoshop where they are blended, and aligned to show 1 clear image of the product, once that is done processing the image is cleaned of dust and specs then resized for web.

For purchasing right or if you have a product that you need photographed please send us an email:

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