Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where Tefillin are made

How are Teffilin made? 

After finishing a fun shoot with a few cousins of mine at the park, I stopped by my uncles Yossi's house.

My uncle Yossi is a Scribe, in his basement he has a whole bunch of interesting tools and equipment for making Tefillin or writing a Sefer Torah. 

Its an interesting procedure from when the skin comes off the cow and is brought in, to when it leaves as a "Ready to wear" pair of Tefillin for a new Bar Mitzva boy or its a fully written Sefer Tora. 

In the photos below you can see my cousin Mendel in its first steps of preperation as he stretchs out the skins to dry and scraping off any shmutz thats on it.

Maybe one day I should make a full video of the entire process which is quiet an interesting one.

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