Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Ben - Chef

How does the last picture look so neat compared to the others? 

Good question, Ill try to walk you through on the story and it may help to understand his facial expressions. 

Let me give you this character description: Ben! 

The Yeshiva chef for a few years now, throughout the year we got to know him well, he has fed Bochurim for so many years and he says how its a privilege to make our food as he knows that we are studying very hard back at the shul. 
He knows all the lingo in Yiddish and Hebrew and other catch phrases that we say around the dorm.

There is alot more, but that is enough for now.

1. I came to visit after 12 months of being away, and surprised them!  

 Offering to take photos of them in a up hype, type of mood. I was already making jokes and on high gear I was already in the mood and I know him well enough that it would be easy and quick.

 That is him! (he did complain about something with his teeth and he was a little sore and couldnt smile)
He has this shy smile, so humble and kind. I dont think I've ever heard him raise his voice, hes just in a happy place and gets so emotional when we either come to visit or leave.

"Can I make you something" - Ben. He stopped with what he was doing and made sure I had a lunch and a supper for my drive back to the place where I was saying. 
He didn't let me go stomach empty. 

Final picture perfect!

Having that authority of his kitchen I figured I would get him from a lower angle and not so "humble" rather a little lower, and his arms out. "Taking control"

Thank you ben for all the delicious food.
We still talk about it 15 months later!

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