Monday, April 23, 2012

Bris Milah -Photographed in New Jersey

After rushing back after the Pesach holiday I was asked by my cousin to join his sons bris and take a few photographs.

After all the details in how I would get to New Jersey it was decide that I would ride with a car service with my cousins, in a 15 passenger van.  One word: Never again.

I promise you will understand if you do it once, stuck in traffic in a hot isolated, claustrophobic vehicle with alot of children and kids video tapes. ughhhhhh

The bris was fine, I had a issue with the sunlight coming into the window and the fact that they decided to do the ceremony right near the window. So you can see the warm light on everyones faces as I tried to flash fill the rest of the images.

Event photography isnt my strong point, I think i did more then a good job but I cant say that I love it besides for all the candid shots that I can get. Which is fun (And posing people in real life "stories")

I also wanted to thank all of you who are up to date with my blog, I dont know all of you but I do see the number of visiters and return visiters. It meants alot to me!

All the best to each and everyone of you!

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