Monday, March 12, 2012

Photo for Levi A's business

Levi Altein - Altein's Appliance Repairs

Just the other day I met with my cousin at a Shacharis Minyan and he mentioned "Hey, you bored?" He wanted to take a photograph that people would remember, and if they needed a repair man, they would remember Levi in his washing machine image.

He had this idea of doing a photoshoped image where he would be a few times in the single image.  All fixing different appliances. We were shooting in his Brooklyn home with was'nt the biggest of all and his kitchen was very narrow which made it pretty hard to photograph.

Well these are the few we did take and are up online for you guys.

Once you're at it, like his Altein's appliance repair on Facebook. and for your every repair needs on home appliances or fixing anything that he can do. Only in the Brooklyn, NY

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