Friday, March 30, 2012

Puerto Rico Review

 Its been awhile since I got some pretty places to show you, I recently took a trip with some friends down to Puerto Rico.

During my trip I promised not to post anything from the trip till after we're all back in NY, just so we could relax and not worry about getting anyone in cold New York get any feeling of jealousy. as im sure you can imagine we had a good time.

Here are few for you to enjoy.
 Benny peaking through the wide window at the fortress in Old san juan.
 Still at the fortress, we posed for a group photo and asked a fellow guy who was taking photos nearby
 Cruise liners can be seen docking during the day and continue with their trip at night.
A nice candid photo. Tells a story and shows movement.

 Puerto rico also has a beautiful airport!

A day at the beach! the weather was not consistent at all, it was sunny one minute and clowdy the next then rain then the sun came out. etc dont ask!

Shabbat shalom peoples!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Chasing dreams" Sketch 1

"Chase your dreams" - Ell Tee Photo

So if you dont know by now I purchased a new tablet for my fun and apps are usually not my thing but this has a much bigger screen and i've got the chance to explore in the "fun" section.

The above image is from a sketching app that i used.

I think im going to start doing more of these since i love to sketch and this is a fun fast way to make it!

Do you have a interesting quote that can inspire me to draw something up? put it in the comments below.

(All sketching was done by Levi's right hand, All rights reserved)

Cell phone pix - Collections of the 3rd

Praying on a Sunday morning, its definitely one of the more peaceful days of the week, I know now so you can try it! 

As with any creative photographer we try to get our work published or printed. Its the aim, goal to have them printed! these were an exciting bunch now hanging in a frame at their house. 

Nothing like waiting in like at the JFK, in a hot new KIA!

Just the brick work from the ohel. Its a special place which im sure you all know ;)
Vrooom and the subway dropped my off and goes on his merry way!

Thanks, I think thats it for now. 

Back to real photos from here onward!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cell Phone Pics - Album 2

Looking out the window one day I find this truck driver trying to make a miracle right turn.

Strangely enough he made it. Dont ask. 

"I'll meet you at the station" 

Thats the text I got, but then I had to wait at the station after arriving a few minutes early. 

I thought it was interesting that they have a "Special Entree" -If I had my way I would make them all special. Everyone entering the Subway is special! 

Oh so true are the words of advertising. 

The graffiti on the bathroom walls sometimes inspire me. Not sure why.

This is probably the only snow i've seen this year. For the better or the worse 

Oh Phillip came to visit me, This is 2 hours before Shabbos and he did the Mitzva of Tefillin at the apple store.

Well thats a wrap! Another collection so interesting photos from my cell phone. 

What is the most interesting photo that you have on your phone?

Avoiding Photoshop

Can you photoshop this? 
Why dont you just use photoshop?
You can do anything in photoshop, right?
Can you make me look skinner?

Any photographer suffers from honestly answering this question. 

But the real question I ask is like this, why not just take the nicest photo the first time so noone needs this photoshop that you speak of?

If you can avoid something in your photograph then take the extra second to clean the surface, to wipe a brow or to wash your hands. what ever is it that you are taking a picture of just make sure its clean, skinny, and beautiful! 

Obviously these images above are not photoshoped or anything of high quality, they are from my cell phone. no photoshop has been used. 

Can you figure it out? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CellPhone pix - A Collection 1

Going through my phone images the other day, I decided that I should have a series of posts showing these photos. I have a collection of the weirdest things that I will be sharing with you during the coming months.
1. Man watching baseball game.
1-2.  These photos were taken at a  baseball game at St johns park in Brooklyn, they have a man who is the referee. For the love of the game he joins in the fun of the jewish baseball teams that compete throughout the summer months.

2. Man sitting on a bench

3. The ceiling in the NYC Subway

3. Waiting for the subway, you come to wonder what happens to all the paint jobs that were done so many years ago, this is a photo of a water leak. and the effect.

4. The good old pay phone booths

4. This one was from a trip to Montreal, stopping at a rest area on the way i was talking on my cellphone and i ended up talking in the area right next to the one with the phone. That was when i realized that this is the "Cellphone booth"

5. Man got hit by a car which went through the red light
5. Rollerblading home from work one day, I arrived at the scene of a man who was lightly knocked over from a car who ran a red light. It was only a few minutes since so i stood in the street and made sure oncoming traffic didnt drive near him.
6. Sunset in Flatbush with a reflection that looks like a UFO

6. Standing at the Ajax window watching the sun set over flatbush I took out my phone and snapped this photo! (I know right?) But what are those funny looking circles in the photo? oooh those are the reflection from the window of the ceiling lights behind.

7. Streen in Brooklyn

"Crossing school" - what is X-ing anyway?

Apartment building in NYC

Fence closing in the school play yard. 

A Brooklyn Tree.
7. From here to the end are in the same group. After receiving emails from a friend with photos of some amazing weather I tried to show off our wonderful weather that we have had this winter in Brooklyn.
These are the results! Shame.

If you have any interesting photos from your phone, send them in! maybe they are post worthy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Photo for Levi A's business

Levi Altein - Altein's Appliance Repairs

Just the other day I met with my cousin at a Shacharis Minyan and he mentioned "Hey, you bored?" He wanted to take a photograph that people would remember, and if they needed a repair man, they would remember Levi in his washing machine image.

He had this idea of doing a photoshoped image where he would be a few times in the single image.  All fixing different appliances. We were shooting in his Brooklyn home with was'nt the biggest of all and his kitchen was very narrow which made it pretty hard to photograph.

Well these are the few we did take and are up online for you guys.

Once you're at it, like his Altein's appliance repair on Facebook. and for your every repair needs on home appliances or fixing anything that he can do. Only in the Brooklyn, NY

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Statements - Purim

The good old "Oneses" costume in Pj's

Pirates -arrrrrrrr aye!  

Fashion statements are all in perspective to those around you.

Eldo and the Matza baker!
Purim in Crown heights is nothing like anywhere in the world, and walking in the streets is so much fun. The weather was better then anyone could ask for it was sunny so warm and so nice.

Here are a few pictures that I took walking around, you can see some more on and you can find there the Ell Tee - Where's Waldo? album of photos!

Go spot him!

More to come next week. Shabbat shalom!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creative Business Cards

This post was meant to be online ages ago, but only found it now. So i guess its better late then never .

My mom has a blog where she posts her amazing handmade costume jewelry

Im thinking of maybe starting a store online where you can buy her stuff (besides her Etsy store)

Have a look and see some very cool photography (all shot with the Canon SD1000 Point & shoot)

comment and send it to a friend, maybe give a gift to a friend.

Whatdya think?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dina in PJ's

Ell Tee Photo - Copyright
You've seen her before and youll be seeing her again, Its Dina!

Dina is always so excited to take photos, and so I decided to try a photo manipulated picture.

The idea at first was to take a picture of her all cozied up on the couch, then another one where it looks like shes trying to wake up her sleepless otherself, then a third where shes all tired out from the process.

I didnt have much time before they had to be in bed, but this is what i got

For those technical, I used my 580m2 on a shelf facing the ceiling at a angle from the camera's high left side. I didnt use a tripod which could have helped me keeping the camera steady which would make it easier with the editing, this lens has some distortion which makes it even more difficult as it darkens, distorts the lines in the frame.