Sunday, November 27, 2011

Interview with Varda Yoran

I had the pleasure of spending my morning with Varda Yoran at her beautiful home in Brooklyn, shes a holocaust survivor and i interviewed her about her husbands story of when he was a mechanic for Israels aviation institute during the 1948 war of Israels independence.

(You can notice the photograph of her and her husband on the wall behind her.)

More coming soon..

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Gift From Above

One day sitting on the floor of my kitchen i hear this eeering noise of a flash charging up. and out from heaven it came. It was this colorful camera falling to me. I opened my hands trying to catch it.

The force that came with this special gift camera was a moment for me that i knew i would remember for a life time. 
 It made me jump with joy and shock as i was trying to cover up from witnessing this miracle. Like when was the last time you saw a flying camera?
 I just knew, with the feel of this colorful camera in my very both hands that i would be able to conquer any photo project that i would have the opportunity to do. Hop! hop!

Having a play with it was like a dream come true, every feature about it was so easy to use and my photos came out great!
 I even introduced him to my other friends in the camera bag! Like the bag itself, the grey card. And even the chewing gum (ask me about it)
 After all said and done! This was totally a gift from the one above. The joy i have using such a piece of technology that is well built and easy to use as this one, is such a pleasure.

(This story was madeup in the events of tonights 3hr jewelry shoot, and my head boggling around)

Update: Next week i will be doing a video shoot interviewing a woman who will be talking about the "Israeli war of independence" - It will be interesting. and i am looking for a extra hand for anyone that would like to join please do inquire within.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all I hope you enjoy your quality family time you spend together

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Patrick from //Warm Speakers

So the other day, i was asked by my coworker Patrick from Warm Speakers if i can shoot some shots of him for his music profile for his band "Warm Speakers". He is very easy going and I had a idea for the theme of the photoshoot. Band photos I have yet to master and would love the opportunity to shoot a few more for portfolio.

After listening to some of his music, I was thinking something urban, some grey and dark colors. The theme was not too serious but a "warm thoughts" type, with just that smirk feeling in them. Its a "good space/vibe" to be, I felt the music to be uplifting and inspirational. Slow tempo and very calm beat.

With such a clear tone.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Its not everyday that we get to do our online internet marketing job and still be givin the go-ahead to practice our talents.

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Codes - Scan now!

So im sure youve seen one of these types of codes on ads or business cards.

But what are they? how do they work? how can i read them? and how can i get them?

Basically its a computer generated computer visual, when another phone see it it can read the dots and write up what i programmed your phone to read.

So for this QR code, i decided to give you a pre-written text message that you can send me straight from your phone, you just need to fill in the blanks as to why you like either my children photography or you can choose your favorite photo from any of the Brooklyn park photos

Try it! i dare you.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Capturing personality. At its best

Trying to photograph any childs personality could sometimes take a while to master and to learn your own technique, i personally make it top priority to get the best of anyone im taking pictures and to have that moment recorded.

Its been awhile since, and ive learned lots about kids, adults, and what people like to portray when you ask them to show a positive body language. Its like "cold reading" where you meet someone and your trying to figure them out without asking questions that would be too personal.

We all have a personality worth capturing. And im sure you can think of one friend, that if you were to take photos of him or her you would be able to show the photo to a stranger and they can spell out exactly what personality type your friend is.

These photos were taken in Brooklyn NY

Happy Sunday guys!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Office Birthday Party - Rap Music Video - Joe Apfelbaum CEO

Haha you have to watch this video that was made for my boss's birthday party today.
Its just another wonderful day at ajaxunion

Friday, November 11, 2011

Madeup Radio Jingle -

  Ajax Union Radio Jingle by ajaxunion

Here at Ajax we strive to make the work vibe more of a nice and calm work place, and they let us explore any talents that we have and use it for the company, Joe let David bring his studio equipment to one of the rooms at the office, and now we can make recordings for everything that we need. (hopefully soon we will have a in house photo studio)

We have a ad playing on the Radio, its nowhere near as good as this one.

Why would anyone want to listen to a advert twice, right?

Well i did. Have a great weekend and Shabbat!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A shot from above

Its been another Sunday funday taking photos. I had alot of fun and now i get to share these photos with you.

There's something about taking a picture from above eye level that really gives you a honesty about those kids kids, you can see the boy on top. What a guy! Then the little maidel growing up so big and you can see some little mature pose. Then you have the little 3 year old. and the baby!

Get what i mean? add your thoughts in the comments below