Sunday, November 7, 2010

“Sure ill have it” – Said the Nigerian scammer

It happens to the best of us, i was the victim of a scammer scheme and it costed me quite abit to watch him do his magic!  

I posted the phone for sale on a website similar to what people use in America, it’s a website to connect buyers and sellers for used goods

I got a call from this guy named “mike” he was interested in the phone and wanted to see it, he arranged to meet but arrived with no money and just wanted to make sure I had the phone and was in new condition, he then said he would withdraw the correct amount from the ATM.  So I showed him the phone, asked the usual questions – all normal
Meanwhile I didn’t realize he brought with him a exact copy model fake phone, and somehow distracted me and swapped the phone for a exact fake model (worth about $1, and 2 seconds later had the real phone in his pocket) without noticing I placed the fake right back in the box and packed it away while he went to the ATM.

Of course he came back with insufficient fund and said he would return in 10m only to run off with the phone in his pocket and leaving me with a fake.

He said things along these lines
“It’s a really nice phone Im really interested”
“don’t sell it to anyone else”
“ill be taking it for sure! Im just genna come back for it”
“oh did you say 3700 I thought it was 3500” (he knew the entire time, I just thought he wanted to bargain)

What can I say, pretty clever and he knew what he was doing and now that this has happened to me I can warn you all! You can never be too careful or naive . Make sure he shows you the cash (if he’s interested he will have all the money with him) don’t let him touch it till he buys it or gives you the money. Have it recorded with a store video camera and let him know hes being watched (can be tru or not)

I wouldn’t be too paranoid in other country’s like America, but if your doing these kind of deals in Africa you shall be more then careful with these Nigerian cowards.



  1. Well they have a scam post a phone online they ask u to ship it to them they will pay a extra 150 to ship they give u there address they ask for ur PayPal email within min u get a email from Paypal that the. Money is on hold once package is shipped the money will go into ur account well it never will because its a fake email from Paypal and people don't realize I got that email but realized it was a fake so watch out these Nigeria scammers piss off

  2. Well we all know about online, im talking about physically reality, i watched him steal right in front of my eyes.. i shook his hand and said "Thank you"

    They are so slick and slimy and ewwwww