Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nature the way i see it.

This article was written by me, Levi Teitlebaum. Edited by my sister Chanie.

To witness nature as Hashem created it, untouched by human hands, is a rare and incredible experience. Just a few weeks ago, I felt like I got a small taste of that world. My friends and I piled into five vans filled with good spirits and high expectations. We were going to the Kruger National Park! I knew we would have an amazing time enjoying the game, the spotting and the fresh air.   What I didn't realize was that I would also learn an important lesson in life.

As we drove along, we immediately noticed many different animals. The big elephant and the tall giraffe were easy to spot due to the contrast in colour between them and the wildlife around them. We turned off the car engine and watched for a while. We saw how they fed and cared for their young and how they played together. These bigger animals are easy to spot,  appreciate and enjoy. They are what make the reserve so wonderful and  beautiful.

As time progressed, we got accustomed to the view of bush and trees. We were then able to spot some of the smaller creatures, which we did not notice at first. When we slowed down and looked around with a more focused eye, we were thrilled to discover  poisonous snakes, a leopard totus and many different beautiful birds! These small wonders are hard to spot and hard to watch but they make the Kruger experience so much more wonderful and beautiful!

As we drive through life, we look around and take notice of all the blessings that Hashem has given us. The big blessings are easy to spot. For some, that might mean their health, family, nice cars or good food on the table. Of course we must thank Hashem for all that. But sometimes, if we slow down just a bit and watch life in slow motion, if we take the time to look above or below our normal field of vision, we might notice the smaller blessings in our lives. Blessings we may have taken for granted: the firm ground beneath us, our arms that stretch, and even the clothes we wear. Let us all take care to notice the details, to appreciate them and see how much more meaningful, wonderful, and beautiful the world is and give thanks to the One Above for the incredible riches He has blessed us with.

May we merit the ultimate blessing of Moshiach now! 

(this is the magazine version, ive said this as my speech in front of the shul with a added part for the pesach holiday)

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  1. The two of you put together a very nice article. Yasher Koach. Love, Mommy