Friday, January 1, 2010

Pretoria from on high

Pretoria of University 
From on top of mount klopperkop - Panoramic
The Telcome tower all ready for the world cup 2010
Pretoria being the capital, that is the main building in downtown on Church st.
The army airport landing strip is visible from atop the mountain

Standing on top of a mountain and having a full view of any city is so relaxing.

Standing on top of mount Klopperkop over looking Pretoria is even more so enjoyable, Pretoria is a nice city that stretchs our over the land surrounding the mountain. You can see the buildings downtown and you can see the university, the highwyays, the army base and airfield landing strip. 

A part of the jewish community actually live on the hill leading up the side of the mountain and so the view is pretty recognizable only from much farther up. 

This set of photos are from the early days when i arrived in SA and it was breathtaking to just be up there and spend time on top of the mountain, and take these panoramic's
Looking back, I can already feel the breeze across my face with fresh air and natural noise in the air. 

(Lets not even mention the view during the Jacaranda season) ahhhh Crazy! 


  1. looks like ur sure having a real blast down there (or up there - pun intended) whos the little girl?

  2. ya whos the little girl??