Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rabbi Winebergs desk

Rabbi Weinberg's Study
Rabbi Weinberg of South Africa, has the most beautiful study you will ever see, hes got such a large collection of books and Seforim, He also knows where they all are on the shelves and he doesnt mind if you scroll through his office to see his collection.

I went in and tried to capture it all with my camera and get a panoramic of his study. (Not my best at a Panoramic, but this is a old photo)

The shelves are not like in a regular home standing tall against the wall, rather they are back to back, and standing with their side to the wall this way he has more room for more shelves and more room for books and Seforim.

This in real life is quit the impressive appearance. He is a learned man we used to call him the "Google Rabbi" he knows anything you can possibly ask about. Ka"h

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