Monday, October 19, 2009

Life in da jungle

So three bochurim were walking down George Storrar, walking toward the dorm and a small white car pulls up next to them and tries to start a conversation, the bochurim continue walking and they ask "hey where you guys from?" "do you have a phone" then a colored man gets out of the car and states "i have a gun give me what you got" and two gave their cellphones.
the police were called and the community security service came by the dorm and now busy filling out a police report and the officers accepted a small snack and drink.
this is life in the jungle ma friend,  cheers


  1. welcome to the jungle...
    they call it paradise behind bars

  2. Hey, you Things be careful over there, you hear me?
    Don't make me come over there to kick your asses for being stupid :p